About us

Hello Everybody!
Thank you for 
coming to our homepage~
Lai Lai company is established in 2014.
The reason we established is that 
we want to make travelers 
who come to Seoul more conveniently.

We Have Lai Lai house, Lai Lai tour and some 
services you can use in the meantime.

In order to make your trip more conveniently and wonderful,

we will try our best to serve!

- Lai Lai company Boss KYLE



   Good Location

  •   Nearby Hong-ik Univ. station.

  •   Hong-ik Univ. station is easily access to a lot of famous area

  •   We are next to the STYLENANDA(3CE).


   Good Room 

  •   Independent room 

  •   Independent restroom and air conditioning and heating


   Good Service 

  • Our staff all can speak Chinese and English.

  • We can offer you information about good restaurants and tourist attractions.

​Stay our Room+ 1 day Tour

Line/Wechat ID : hongdaelailaihouse
TEL : +82+10+2301+3053

E-mail : hongdaelailaihouse@gmail.com

Address : 13, Wausan-ro 29da-gil,Mapo-gu, Seoul 

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